Someone in a hotel room down the hall is playing accordion music loud enough that I can hear it, but not so loud that I can tell if it’s polka or zydeco. I have, however, ruled out “Weird” Al and Myron Floren.

An unexpected rainbow along with a cumulonimbus cloud. Looks like it’ll be a wet day here.

Sometimes the most satisfying option is letting things grow. 📷

2.3 GB at 4.5 Mb/s takes a bit longer than 15 minutes. Now researching other ways to bypass a forgotten passcode/ perform a factory reset/ void using a sledgehammer on this iPod Touch.

Let’s try this again… The home screen of my iPhone 7. Hopefully a rectangle this time.

Oh, Apple Maps! It’s so cute when you repeatedly flip the map 180 degrees while I’m waiting for traffic to clear.

In the mood for ‘80’s music this morning. Selected the Apple Music playlist “I Miss the ‘80’s” and tapped the shuffle button. And was promptly rick-rolled.

Photo Of The Week - Week #3 Green energy sources - wind towers and corn for ethanol - above ground. Below ground, coal mines from past generations. Located in the middle of the west-central Pennsylvania coal fields.

Reconciling my desire for less stuff in my life with my desire for a rather nice LEGO set.

Almost missed Week 2 Of Photo Of The Week. Pretty sunset tonight even with the temperature 55 degrees colder than the evening before.

Hmm. I wonder if the worker is in good spirits physically as well as emotionally? Via

For 2018, I’m taking one photo a week using an iphone7 and posting here. My goal is improving my photography by only taking one photo without reshoots or editing. That way, I’ll slow down and properly compose the photo. Week 1: an icicle forming from the ground up.