2022-01-06 3:00 am and not sleeping. Might as well get up and go to work.

2021-11-05 Crepuscular rays in the early evening.

2021-10-02 Bonfires are better enjoyed after dark. Day 2.

2021-10-01 Day 1/31 Photo Challenge I didn’t touch the beard. The smell doesn’t wash off.

2021-06-10 View from the front porch on a rainy evening.

2021-05-09 Lookin’ out my back door.

2021-04-12 Visitor to the bird feeder this evening. Photo taken through two window panes with an iPhone 12 Pro …

2021-04-01 Given the snow of today, here’s a throwback photo of 6 April 2011. Over the 35 years of making maple …

2021-03-12 First photo from the porch for 2021. 📷

2021-02-25 Deer into the bird seed.

2021-02-22 The view out my home office window this morning. 📷

2021-02-09 Since Tuesday is National Pizza Day (in the US at least), pizza is definitely on the menu tonight. …