About Todd Wachob

TL,DR: I perform highway and bridge construction inspection for a living. I create photos, pizza, and prose for hobbies. Also hobby at ham radio (a.k.a. KC3JBW) and #weare.

Todd Wachob (that's me!) has been a highway construction inspector, inspector supervisor, construction office manager, and project scheduler for the past 29 years. He is currently working in western Pennsylvania as a construction inspector/ documentation specialist for an engineering consultant firm.

Todd has a few social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and weblog.

He is a rabid Macintosh and Apple fanatic, often spending hours perusing the latest news out of Cupertino and imagining what his home office and Jeep would look like if he had an unlimited budget for geek toys. Early in 2011, he purchased a DSLR and began taking a whole bunch of pictures.

Todd is a native of Big Run, PA and currently working on projects in the western Pittsburgh suburbs. Working as a construction office manager often resulted in him spending the work week in various Pennsylvania locales such as Bellwood, Scranton, Loysburg, Breezewood, State College, Lewisburg, Harrisonville, New Baltimore, and Harrisburg.