From the “ Copy editor?! We don’t need no copy editor!” file:

Current status: system software updates on a Windows 10 VM, 13” MacBook Pro, two iPads, and three iPhones.

I don’t think I missed any devices 🤔

“The nice thing about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised”

  • George Will


“Let us have the candor to acknowledge that what we call ‘the economy’ or ‘the free market’ is less and less distinguishable from warfare.” – Wendell Berry


At the sight of weather like this, no wonder Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow.

Open jar of pizza sauce can mean only one thing - Saturday evening supper! 🍕📷

Went out to plow the slush off the driveway and discovered the battery in the tractor is dead. Taking a nap while the battery charges and the sub-freezing temperatures move this direction. If the battery charges up before the freeze-up, usable driveway. Otherwise, skating rink.

It’s the second day of Christmas and Starbucks is back to their regular music programming.

Not confident that the remodel of the doctor’s office for HIPPA compliance is working so well now that the patients and office staff must shout to be heard through the metal and mesh covering the 6” openings in the sheet of plexiglass between them.

In a restaurant eating supper on Halloween and what song comes on the radio?


Hey Sen. Harris! I'm not Thomas!

The Kamala Harris 2020 Campaign brought about some confusion for me the past two days. I received email addressed to another Wachob whose first name begins with a “T”, but with a Comcast TLD. The name and were part of the email message, so why was the email coming to me at a domain other than

I took a look at the headers for the email and yes, the email came from the Harris Campaign and was addressed to But they were ending up in my mailbox. Further down the headers, there was an entry where Comcast forwarded the email to the address to my usual address, including the correct server name for my IMAP server, which is not the same as my email domain.

After puzzling over these discoveries, I realized that over the past 13 years, I had Comcast Internet service for about 4-½ years. My guess is that I set up a mail forwarding rule at Comcast and forgot about it.1 Now, four years since I changed from Comcast, someone set up service and used the same email that I did.

    ... ...

After an afternoon more stressful than it needed to be, now doing my favorite “activity”: sitting on the porch watching the rain fall.

So apparently I stepped through a time warp. Ronald Reagan is president, right? 4A3F7F8F-2C71-4327-B47B-AF40B62D84CB.jpg